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Sewing Machine Repair in Queens & Long Island, NY

At Sewtime, there is no higher standard that is maintained when it comes to servicing your sewing machine, no matter the make, model, age or condition! At our sewing machine stores in Queens and Long Island, we understand that a sewing machine is more than just a tool. It could be a family heirloom, the only way to hem your husband’s pants, or even a way to make a living! We carefully listen to our customers when they experience a problem with their sewing machine. We’ve been offering trusted sewing machine repairs in Long Island Island and the New York City area for 45 years.

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Sewtime is now a Certified Repair and Service Center for all Brother Machines. Call and talk to our head technician for more information.

Benefits of Sewing Machine Servicing at Sewtime:

Tech Support wrench Servicing of all sewing machine brands and models available
Repeating arrows icon Includes one-year warranty (replacement parts and labor) in addition to any manufacturer warranties
Gear icon From basic upkeep to rare replacement parts, we have it all!
Checkmark icon We repair machines that are over 150 years old to the most advanced machines
Person with lightbulb We are experts In computer sewing machines
Monitor icon We solve problems with linking your machine to your home computer
Trade Up arrow Software upgrades
Worry Free smiley Reliable service

Customer Testimonial:

From Potential Landfill to Creative Hand-fill.

There is satisfaction too in up-cycling in our American one-use culture: While walking Bailey Cheryl spotted someone discarding an old Singer sewing machine. She realized its potential and decided on an immediate rescue. But she soon found it was very difficult toting home her “Curb Mart” acquisition. She’d walk a bit then put the thirty-pounder down, then walk a bit more.

But her stars were in alignment. She spotted a stroller tossed to the curb. This too was unusual in that it was a heavy duty eight-wheeled job, up to the task of hauling sewing machine freight.

So of course she put its transport value to use. So there she was pushing her new baby with one hand while keeping Bailey tethered with the other. Tenacity, thy name is woman.

A local motor repair shop was unsuccessful in rehabilitating the machine. But when she spent $160 at a much more professional shop she found herself delighted. The owner of the pro shop said of the forty-year-old machine, “Today’s machines are made with plastic over a toy motor. They are made to be disposable, to last two years. This old heavy machine, if maintained, will last another forty years.” The machine sews everything from cloth to leather flawlessly. This Singer went from potential landfill to creative hand-fill.

Great shop: SewTime (Westbury)

Vintage Singer sewing machine

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